Special Advertising
After long time and many requests we have decided to offer special banner advertising for big promoters on a high view of our visitors.
We will offer only four(4) banner spots per month.
The price for banner spots are :
- banner 1 : $160 per month / $90 per 14 days
- banner 2 : $140 per month / $80 per 14 days
- banner 3 : $120 per month / $70 per 14 days
- banner 4 : $100 per month / $60 per 14 days

The banner can be changed maximum 3 times after have been purchased.
The banners will be displayed on all Clixten home page, forum and all pages. Banners will de displayed to visitors and members on same time, each banner will receive over 6.000.000 views per month world wide.
We accept payments throught all payment processors, in order to purchase any of our banner spots, just open a ticket on our support area.

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